Read and React

The article talks about the importance of the first draft. The author said about his experiences as a review writer to convince us that writing a shitty first draft is the first step of writing. The function of writing the first draft is mainly to let our thoughts flow. Free-write all of our thoughts in the first draft, no matter how crazy, or how wired they are. A terrible first draft with bad writing is to let us listen to our voices and to gather our thoughts. Then we go though our first draft and pick the useful part that might be things that are funny or interesting. After that we may start to write our decent second draft. Finally we may structure it with details and polish it with beautiful wording in the final draft. The author said almost every good writings start with a terrible effort. It is because we need something to start with.
I agree with the article so much. I always feel difficult when I begin to write my essays. I find it so difficult to start writing the beginning of the essays because I have to think about the ideas, the structure and the wording of the essay at the same time. Writing the first draft, then the second draft, follow by the final draft would definitely help me to write a better essay. I can focus on each part of the essay in each draft and concentrate to work on that part of the essay. Having something to start with is seemly a good start. Besides, I like the tone of the author. The author writes in a relaxing tone instead of a lecturing tone to convince us to write a first draft as our beginning to start our writing. I love the way that the author shared his personal experiences in the article.