Sharing Information About Observations with Parents.

Describe ways to share information about observations with Parents.
“When Parents and Practitioners work together in early years settings, the results have a positive impact on children’s development and learning.” EYFS 2.2
It’s very important to share observations with parents in an appropriate and professional way to develop and extend the child’s learning. This can be shared in a number of ways, such as:
A welcoming atmosphere with approachable staff helps to create effective communication between parents and practitioners
Take every opportunity to chat informally with parents like at the door meetings during pick up and drop off to discuss achievements like recent acquired abilities or words learnt.
Journal writing- we can talk about and record information about the child’s progress and achievements. In the same way parents can maintain a ‘home setting diary’ on activities and visits undertaken.
Information can be exchanged through emails, letters and telephone calls.
A parent teacher meeting can be arranged to discuss and share observations about the development of the child.
Special meetings with parents can be pre arranged if the practitioner is having concern regarding the child to discuss specific observation, which might be affecting his development and/or his behaviour.
At the end of each term a progress report can be sent home describing how the child has developed in all areas that is social, physical, intellectual, communication and emotional.
Work of the child can be displayed through photographs or through videos if permitted.
Suggestions can also be given to parents like suppose if the child is not eating healthy food the practitioner can give them various options on availability of healthy food.
The practitioner has to make sure that confidentiality is maintained and that the child concern or other parents do not listen which is not possible through journal writing or door chats but it is possible through emails or special meetings...