Ways Parents May Participate in Pre School Activities

E1   Ways for parents to participate in a pre-school’s activities to promote children’s learning and development.

Parents are an important part of planning for the pre-school, as they have a lot to offer and are a valuable resource.   Sharing information by way of parents evening or a quick chat at the end of the school day about activities their child enjoyed or found difficult, provides parents with an idea of the skills that can be practised at home to further promote the child’s learning.
Displaying a weekly planner for parents to view is a way to encourage feedback.   Parents could also add ideas of their own for future planning and go back and praise the child for individual progress.   Parents could also be encouraged to help with colours, numbers and shapes that are being worked on in the setting.   Asking parents to find relevant objects at home that can be taken into class and discussed.

Contributing to a project is the way parents can be more involved in their child’s development.   Inviting a parent into the class to discuss his or her job or a hobby they think the child may be interested to learn about is an example of parents being included in their child’s learning.   This is also a chance for the child to show the parent around the classroom, making the child feel important.   As well as allowing the child to show off any art work that may be on display.   The parent will also have a good knowledge of the day to day routine of the class and how the child behaves, although the behaviour may change when the adult is not around.   The parent could also be introduced to the child’s friends.   Depending on the parent’s job, maybe a school trip could be arranged to the parent’s place of work.   Not only would this be exciting for the class as a whole, but it would also give the child an insight as to what their parent does all day while they are at school.

Parents could also become involved by helping with school fundraisers or special events.   Parents...