Pauline Gibbons B7828861 E105-12J TMA2 ‘My Professional Role, Where am I now?’

E105 Statement of Ethical Consideration

‘I can confirm that I currently meet the requirements for the E105 module as set out in the pre- registration information for students. I can also confirm that I have a valid ‘Agreement with Confirmer’ form and ‘Permission form’ from my employer.   For E105, I have adhered to the E105 Ethical Guidance by;

• Not identifying any person within the setting
• Not revealing the identity of the setting, by name or location.

Task 1 Context     (Word Count 94)

My setting is a large primary school, situated in an inner city area of London. My roles within my setting are, a Teaching Assistant in a Year 2 class in Key Stage 1 for the morning sessions only, a Midday Meals Supervisor, working in the Reception outside play area. During the afternoon sessions, I deliver a reading and writing programme for small groups of children in Key Stage 1. My setting follows the National Strategy Literacy and Numeracy in Key Stage 1 and the Early Years Foundation Stage, (revised 2012) in the Foundation Stage.

Task 2 Self-Assessment (Word count 947)
PP6 ‘Leadership and change’

Having recently studied E100, and therefore gaining the Certificate in Early Years Practice, I feel that I have gained more confidence in developing my leadership skills. I gave myself a rating of ‘3’ in my Self-Assessment, because I feel that I demonstrate the necessary skills, confidence and experience in order to carry out my roles in my setting.   Studying E100 has enabled me to review and reflect upon my roles and leadership skills within my setting. I feel that I am able to contribute more readily to discussions about children’s care, learning and development towards the children in my setting. Being able to be an effective leader requires the Early Years professional do develop differing skills. They need to be able to innovate, lead colleagues. Being a...