Describe the Principles and Boundaries of Confidentiality and When to Share Information

Outcome 3.5 Describe the principles and boundaries of confidentiality and when to share information

In a school, all information with regards to pupils must be treated confidentially, as stated in the Data Protection Act 1998 Any information must be stored as stated in the act. All members of staff must be familiar and adhere to the guidelines.

Information about students, school, teaching staff should never be passed onto third parties. I would also need to check with the class teacher, if I was unsure whether I could/should speak about a matter or not to another party. If a parent gave me information about a child, I would insure that this information is recorded correctly, following the school policies and guidelines, and passed onto the relevant members of staff.

Respecting confidentiality in a school setting is very important. When working in this environment, certain information has to be gathered about pupils, for the school to work effectively. This information includes:
Contact Numbers and Addresses
Medical Information
Dietary Needs
Family Changes
Special Educational Needs (SEN)

To give out any of the above information, is a breach of confidentiality. It should only be passed on, on   a need to know basis. For example, certain information may have to be passed onto other teaching staff that deals with a childes health, well being, welfare or protection.
The Data Protection Act (1998) covers both paper and electronic records. Individuals have the right to see all information that is stored about them. The school has a responsibility to ensure that the information is correct, and kept confidential.

Confidentiality is important within schools. The information given by parents, is information concerning their family and children, and is given in trust. All records should be stored safely i.e. (locked away and password protected), so that access is restricted to those who have legitimate access to the information. The information...