Sex Trafficking

Tanzania sex trafficking has grown over the years. Although many have fallen victim to their families selling them into some type of domestic servitude, which seems to be Tanzania’s largest form of human trafficking. Children are force into trafficking by their family, friends or people that they are close to. “Girls are exploited in sex trafficking in tourist areas within the country. Boys are subjected to forced labor, primarily on farms, but also in mines, in the informal commercial sector, in the sex trade, and possibly on small fishing boats” (U.S. department of state). Many of the exchanges that take place can be external between serveral different countries including Burundi, Malawi, South Africa, and the Middle East. There is also internal trafficking in Tanzania, children are usually trafficked from rural areas to urban areas. Tanzania is also on Tier 2 watch list.
The government hasn’t been fully compliant with meeting the minimum standards for eliminating human trafficking in the country. “The government’s anti-trafficking committee and anti-trafficking secretariat, which were established at the close of the previous reporting period, took few actions during the year to implement the national action plan; the promise of the coordinating bodies and action plan had gone unrealized (U.S. department of State).” They wasn’t able to show documentation that they have been providing new officers with information and education on sex trafficking.
According to Courage Worldwide there are laws that Tanzania have pertaining to human trafficking one of them being “the Penal Code prohibits procuring children to take them out of Tanzania and bringing children into or removing them from the country to have them engage in prohibited sexual intercourse. These offenses are punishable by imprisonment of 10 to 20 years and a fine (CHWW).” Many organizations are becoming a part of the effort to reduce human trafficking some of the being United Nations Children Fund and...