Sex Trafficking

United States vs, Mexican Government on Human Trafficking

The recent box office best seller, Taken, has brought attention to the issue of Human Trafficking. In the film, two young American girls are sold into the sex slavery market leaving one to die, and one to eventually be rescued after much torture. When you take out the dramatic, “James Bond-esq” action scenes, the raw basis of the film was driven around trafficking. Goverments around the world have taken action to stop this brutal business, but each are addressing it differently.   The United States bureau has encouraged its citizens not to travel to neighboring mexico. The question now arises, what is happening in order to create such a prominent warning? Why has mexico gone from a spring break haven to a death trap for innocent Americans? Drug lords are taking over the “Policia Federal”, creating a large scale crisis in order to enslave innocent women. Fear and violence are encompassing this tropical paradise creating chaos and corruption amongst one of the leading tourist countries in all of the world, and little is being done by the Mexican government to supressess this violence. Human lives are becoming a mere commodity, a modern day slavery that is increasing daily. Human trafficking is becoming more and more prevalent throughout the nation of mexico, and with one of their major sources of profit for the economy being tourism, the Mexican economy will eventually plummet. What is the world coming to if human lives aren’t valued in society, and how has the United States government versus the Mexican government addressed this issue.

The United States bureau stated, “An arrest or accident in Mexico can result in a difficult legal or medical situation, sometimes at a great expense to the traveler.  Mexican law can impose harsh penalties for violations that would be considered minor in the United States, and U.S. citizenship in no way exempts one from full prosecution under the Mexican criminal justice...