“Human Trafficking”
Tammy Hansen
Kristy Kobzeff
Vionte Smith
BS/HS 302-Introduction to Human Services
August 13, 2011

Human Trafficking
One social issue facing people all over the world is human trafficking. Human trafficking consists of illegally trading human beings strictly for the use of slavery. The types of human trafficking may include sexual exploitation and forced labor. People who are subjected to human trafficking are often treated like property rather than people. Because slavery is the forcing of services without compensation, the majority of people who are subjected to human trafficking are being held against their will.
      Slavery exists throughout the world, even in today’s society. Most of the time when human trafficking is mentioned one thinks of foreign countries; however, slavery also occurs in the United States. Human trafficking is most often linked to the prostitution of women and children for sex industries. The prostituting of women and children may also lead to forced marriage. Often, people confuse human trafficking with people smuggling; however, they are not the same. Human trafficking involves being taken against one’s will or being forced to perform a service without compensation. People smuggling entails hiring someone to help smuggle people from one location to another. With people smuggling, the person usually hires another to help them.
Human Trafficking is an issue that is being addressed but due to the high numbers of those being trafficked, stopping human trafficking is very difficult.   The fact that these individuals sometimes initially go at their own will, makes it even more difficult to address the trafficking. Individuals that are trafficked are often tricked into going, thinking they will be provided with a better life.
Slavery was abolished in 1865; however, it is very much still in full effect. During the enslavement of Africans, there were less African slaves trafficked each year in comparison to the...