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Kudler Fine Foods is an upper scale gourmet-based grocery store that opened its doors in 1998. The company currently consists of three retail stores, approx. 16,000 sq. ft. each in size, located in upper scale fashionable shopping centers. Kudler is interested in keeping pace with the modern technology and wants to offer its customers the latest in perks, while at the same time gather information about its customers and their shopping habits to help determine areas of future growth with respect to store offerings.
      Kudler Fine Foods is interested in developing a Frequent Shopper Program. This would be a dual purpose program. For the company, it would put in place a program to track customer purchases, which could be used in many ways. For the customer this program would award loyalty points for shopping at Kudler which the customer can save up for redemption. These loyalty points maybe redeemed for higher end gift items, or other products or services made available through partnerships with other external companies. On the surface this appears to be a win-win situation for all involved.
      The company believes that through tracking purchase habits of its customers that it can follow trends and offer new items that will be welcomed by its current customers. Price is not a crucial component as to why a customer chooses Kudler. Finding specialized items and higher quality gourmet items is a priority to Kudler customers.
Using the data collected by offering the Frequent Shopper Program will help Kudler see customer purchase behavior patterns and will help Kudler understand these patterns and

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trends. Suppliers to Kudler can assist in following trends, and using their own supplier data,...