Service Request SR-kf-013

Anthony Nguyen, Christopher Chambers-Graves, Hagar Rafalovitch, Jonathan Peirce, and Angela Lloyd

June 21, 2010

University of Phoenix

Business Systems/BSA 375

Michele Gamberutti


In this paper, we will plan a project for a Frequent Shopper Program for Kudler Fine Foods. We will discuss the goals of the program and the measures of the project’s success. We will make recommendations for a successful implementation of the program.

      Service Request SR-kf-013

As a higher end specialty store, the customers of Kudler Fine Foods do not shop at Kudler for the most basic products that can be found at any supermarket chain. Although the uniqueness of their offerings allows them to target a very specific clientele with very specific tastes, the individual uniqueness of those tastes make it difficult for Kudler to offer special promotions that will appeal to a broad range of its existing customer base.

      To increase customer loyalty and give individual customers special offers that will suit his or her individual shopping habits and the reasons he or she shops at Kudler, the store has decided to track electronically an individual customer’s shopping habits. This plan promises many rewards but also poses ethical and security related challenges.

Despite these challenges, this paper intends to promote the notion that with a few simple technological steps, this promotion can turn into a great source of revenue for Kudler, and that these necessary steps can easily be implemented into the Kudler system.

Existing situation

Currently at Kudler, each store has three department managers and no general manager and each department manager is responsible for the items they purchase, their quality assurance and for finding these items at the best price. This creates a situation in which each store has different items in stock potentially confusing customers who because of the chain nature of Kudler fine foods...