Kudler Fine Food Service Request

Kudler Accounting System Paper
Peter Goldsmith
March 9, 2013
Jennifer Streker

Kudler Fine Foods is an organization that was created to provide a variety of healthy foods that catered to each customer.   The services and products Kudler offers is very distinctive so they must determine how they will market the pricy organic menu and remain on top of the business chain.   This means they must organize and be ready to make decisions throughout the organization that will allow Kudler the means to take action by determining what they inventory will consists of, how will they market the products and service, how much will it costs for all of the mentioned and the organic farmers contracts, who will they target in general and what do they need to make these strategic plans effective?
Kudler will need to refine their information systems that implements updated and upgraded software and hardware.   The changes of the new and improved organic menu will cause Kudler’s data input to increase and with that comes the need for and advanced File Management systems.   This system needs to be able to access records efficiently without limitations to avoid customer dissatisfaction due to incorrect data, unreliable data or just plain slow service.
Information continues to pour into the Database and the Database Management System   (DMS) through external sources like clickstream information via the internet, POS terminals, CRM’s, resource planning applications, supply chains, and e-commerce applications.   Key features needed for a new accounting system would be implementing and upgraded Database Management System.   This will give Kudler the ability to centralize their data files, manage them and the application programs integrated within the infrastructure will have unlimited access to the stored information regarding the inventory, accounting department, customer service, human resources and more.  
This system will benefit the organization by allowing them to cater...