Seminar Diary Management

Newcastle University Business School
BUS1001   -   Introduction to Management & Organisations 2009/10

Seminar Diary – Due on Friday 23rd April 2010

This will serve two purposes:
A) It is one of your pieces of assessed coursework, counting for 20% of the total mark
B) It will be your record of the seminars you attended

It must be between 1,500 and 2,000 words (approximately 300 words per entry) – do not exceed these limits

It should contain FIVE entries, one each for seminar items 1-5 on the lecture & seminar programme (see below).

You should use entries in the Seminar Diary to critically evaluate the subject for these seminars, in the light of the discussion during the seminar and in the light of your own reading and experience.

You should not describe or repeat the seminar activities

Critical evaluation is a core academic skill which you should be constantly refining.   In general, with reference to essays and other long pieces of written work, critical evaluation requires you to be able to do the following, in ascending order of skill:  
A) Grasp the essential concepts, viewpoints, theories, models, arguments, facts, or assumptions, etc.
B) Analyse a theory or text and compare it with other appropriate concepts, viewpoints, etc.  
C) Use the comparison to set out the merits of opposing or different concepts, viewpoints, etc.
D) Make a reasoned argument to support or reject particular concepts, viewpoints, etc.
E) Make a reasoned, coherent, and valid argument to support or reject particular concepts, viewpoints, etc
F) The best evaluations will demonstrate original and creative approaches, in addition to an excellent analysis.

For Diary entries of approximately 300 words you should aim to demonstrate these skills in a very succinct manner – it will be excellent practice for you to summarise and paraphrase complex positions and arguments.

Assessing the Seminar Diary
The Seminar Diary, will be assessed using the following...