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Section 1: Using the telephone

This section will help you to evidence Learning Outcome 1: Understand how to make and receive telephone calls.
Learning objective Place in Assessment
1.1 Describe the different features of telephone systems and how to use them Question 1 Page 1
1.2 Describe how to follow organisational procedures when making and receiving telephone calls Question 2 Page 2
1.3 Explain the purpose of giving a positive image of self and own organisation Question 2 Page 2

1. Complete the table below with descriptions of at least two different features of a telephone system and how / when they would be used. [1.1]

Feature How / when used
Call waiting

This feature is used when someone is already on the phone and is alerted by a beep or some other sound to notify them that there is another call waiting to be answered. It could be used for when a company has numerous callers and is alerted that there is another customer on the line waiting to be helped with some sort of problem or an order to be taken.
2.Music on hold

This is used when someone has been put on hold and is waiting; music is played to make the customers wait more pleasurable. This is used when either an employee has to put the customer on hold for instance to bring up their personal details and to deal with a query or problem or if they are waiting in a queue to be answered.

2. Prepare a brief report advising people on:

• How to follow organisational procedures when making and receiving telephone calls
• The purpose of giving a positive image of yourself and your organisation when making and receiving telephone calls.

If possible, use specific information from procedures in your own organisation (or one that you are familiar with). [1.2] [1.3]

Advice on making and receiving calls

The following procedures should be taken when calls are answered or received at Home bargains Huddersfield.

• Calls should be answered at all times; there...