Sdst Feedback

Assessment for SDST - Spreadsheet software - AQ2013 - Scenario 1 - AAT Assessment


"Assessor Name" Janet Berry
1a "YOUR TASK: Open a workbook and then rename it. Insert headers on all sheets created containing name, AAT student number and right alignment

FEEDBACK: You   have   named the workbook correctly   but you have not insert the required data as a header in the correct position on each worksheet and each worksheet was not set up as being visible on one page if printing were needed   "
1b "YOUR TASK: Open new worksheet and input monthly figures for sales, cost of sales and individual expenses

FEEDBACK: You have shown that you know which the correct function to calculate totals is. "
1c "YOUR TASK: Format the worksheet in the prescribed manner.

FEEDBACK: Good work, you have shown that you can use different types of format in a spreadsheet.
1d "YOUR TASK: Use the proper function and format to introduce more columns into your worksheet and provide the correct profit calculations as per the task.

FEEDBACK: Well done you successfully introduced the extra columns into the spreadsheet and formatted them. The function used to   calculate the totals was the average function which was incorrect but allowable error in task "
1e "YOUR TASK:. Follow the instructions as per the task and present accordingly. Ensure the worksheet is presented in the correct format. Save the worksheet. Ensure the worksheet would print properly if required.

FEEDBACK: Excellent. The worksheet was reproduced as required in the task."
1f "YOUR TASK: Save the workbook.   Ensure the worksheet would print properly if required.

FEEDBACK: Well done, this task was carried out successfully.
2a "YOUR TASK: Open a new worksheet, import the correct information into the sheet, then format the sheet as required in the task:

FEEDBACK: Well done the spreadsheet was set up correctly."
2b "YOUR TASK: Reformat the spreadsheet as per the task....