Feedback on Performance

Why is it important for a social care worker to seek feedback on performance?

  * So the social care worker can improve on their performance.
  * To gain different ideas from another person so they can put it into their own work.
  * Helps them to evaluate what they should and should not be doing
  * To help them understand how they can future their career
  * To give the clients the best care they can receive.

The different ways that people may react to receiving constructive feedback

  * People may take constructive feedback offensively. They may feel the person giving the feedback is trying to take a dig at the way they work rather than trying to help them improve their performance. This could lead them to become depressed and not able to work to their full standard as they feel they can’t do the job correctly.

  * People can take constructive feedback is a positive way; they can take this feedback away and reflect on their work, and try and improve in the aspects of the job they are struggling with. This will improve their performance and even improve the care the clients are receiving.

Why is it important for a social care worker to use the feedback to improve their practice?  

  * It is important to use the feedback you have been given to improve your own practice because the feedback will help you understand the areas of your work you may need improvement on. This could lead to extra training to improve the workers performance. It will also improve the quality of life of the clients as they will be receiving the best care possible.