Feedback on Assessment

I give feedback as an ongoing verbal activity throughout the assessment process. It is documented at the end of every assessment session. I give the feedback in private. I try to make it a positive activity and highlight to a candidate what has been achieved. I explain how their performance has met the standards, and praise them where their natural performance goes beyond the requirements of the standards. I aim to use positive reinforcement saying what I particularly liked about their performance and in order to motivate them indicate where aspects of their performance for one unit may also help meet the standards for another one.

If their performance does not yet meet the standards, I explore with them ways of improving their performance by developing their skills and providing more evidence to ensure they can meet them. I do not use negative language such as “That is wrong” or “Yes, but” or “With respect, I hear what you say”. I aim to make the feedback constructive and identify opportunities for further development. I specify the methods by which this can be achieved. It may involve liaison with the candidate’s manager to ensure that suitable support and training is arranged. I aim to make my feedback forward looking and then plan the next steps in the assessment process; if necessary I would modify the assessment plan and reschedule my assessment visits to allow time for this support and training.

It is useful as units are completed for the candidate to provide some feedback to the assessor on the assessment process in relation to that unit and for candidates to feedback to the assessor on the learning outcomes for them of the work on that unit.