Scope and Field of Application and Accounting Essay

Scope And Field Of Application Accounting Essay
While doing the measurements or assessing the performance of the measurement procedure, quality assurance and control measures are important to ensure that the measurement process is stable and in control. Such measures include qualified staff, proper maintenance of equipment and reagent.
Good analytical results are necessary to get more reliable decisions. A key element of good results is comparability. Comparability is shown to a standard set of measurement units and scales. The most of chemical measurement results are provided with the internationally accepted system of unit’s i.e. SI.
Traceability is not a new concept in chemical analysis but before the invention of instrumental techniques titration and gravitation played a vital role in chemical laboratory.
With the development of the technology the requirement for traceability has come to end.
Method development has an equation explaining how to calculate measurement from the measured quantities and specifies under which condition the equation holds good.
Validation demonstrates that this equation and set of conditions is sufficiently complete for the purpose in hand. This is achieved by calibration using appropriate measurement standard.
Validation explains the equation and a set of specified condition which are required. Establishing traceability makes the values of the measured quantities and the values of the Specified conditions are related to appropriate standards.
Two distinct types of measurement may be described: physical and chemical. The steps to achieving traceability for each are shown below:
Physical Measurements
Data is collected (thickness, weight, temperature, etc.) using …
Equipment (callipers, balance, thermometer, etc.) calibrated by an …
accredited calibration laboratory that …
provide a certificate showing that the measurements are traceable to …
a national or international reference standard.