Account for the Development of Scottish Manufacturing in the Period 1770-1850.

Account for the development of Scottish manufacturing in the period 1770-1850.

by kirsty mccausland.

This essay will look at the development of the manufacturing industry in Scotland between the years 1770-1850. it will look at the reasons, changes and factors associated with the developments that account for this in Scotland. The reasons this is an interesting subject is the speed, size and timing of this development was different, compared to any other European country, apart for fellow British state England. However the size of Scotland makes it even more remarkable that such a small nation would become a world leader in manufacturing at this time.
First of all there has to be a market and demand for the products, this is paramount in encouraging people to start manufacturing. The main manufacturing industries in Scotland during this period were that of linen, cotton and textile manufacturing. Due to the increase of the home population1.5 million c1750 to 2.89 million c1850 the market at home was increasing. There was more demand for cotton and linen for clothing. The middle classes grew in percentage of population, making more demand for fashion, textiles for furniture and the decoration of there houses i.e. carpets, linoleum and curtains. There was also a large demand from Europe and England for these items. During war times, especially the Napoleonic wars, the demand for linen, cotton and wool from the state was great. They needed these products for clothing and uniforms for soldiers, to make tents, medical supplies and the likes. However these markets were pretty small compared to the markets of north America and the Caribbean. At certain points in this period 90% of all manufactured goods were being exported to there. From around 1800 Scotland also developed trade links with south America, Asia and Australasia which increased the demand even further. However no other markets ever came close to the markets with north America and the Caribbean....