Science Lesson

Inquiry Lesson
Galaxies and the Formation of the Universe

Inquiry Lesson Plan
Galaxies and the Formation of the Universe
Subject/Grade: Science/ 6th

Curriculum Connections:
      • Six Weeks: 2nd
      • Length of Lesson:   2 – 3 days
      • Curriculum Guide Objective: GLE 0607.6.1 Analyze information about the major components of the universe. GLE 0607.6.2 Describe the relative distance of objects in the solar system from earth.
      • TCAP/Gateway Objectives: None
      • SPI: 0607.6.1 Use data to draw conclusions about the major components of the universe. 0607.6.2 Explain how the relative distance of objects from the earth affects how they appear.

Guiding Question:
How the universes have evolved since the theoretical Big Bang and create dramatizations of various eras in cosmic evolution.
      • Concepts:
          1. The Big Bang theory.
          2. Explore how the universe has evolved over the last 15 billion years by reading and discussing “Wending Through Time, a Cosmic Web.”
          3. Stages of the universe's evolution since the Big Bang.
          4. Portions of the timeline of the "cosmic web."
      • Vocabulary: genre, dramatis, personae, permeates, cosmology, cosmologist, algorithms, cartography, nodes, epochs, prolifically, tenuous, barren, dark matter, ultraviolet, ionize, denouement, congenial

      • Type of Student Participation: Small group and Individual
      • Relate to Previous Learning: What is the Big Bang Theory? What are some examples of evolution (answer examples: people, countries, regions, and landforms)? Do you think space has changed or evolved over the past 15 billion years? How has Earth specifically evolved (answer examples: plate tectonics, global warming, ice age)?
      • Relate to Student Experience: Prior to students' arrival in class, fill a balloon with colored confetti, blow up the balloon and tie it. When students arrive, stand in the front of the balloon, hold it...