Lesson Plan

Special Education Lesson Plan

Name of Student: Alyssa Bosco                         Child Study Course #: CS 325-01
School: Cayuga Elementary                 Date of Lesson: 3-18-14
Size of Group: 27 (Whole General Ed. Class with 2 IEP students)                                   Grade: 4
Cooperating Teacher’s Name: Traci Hecht              
Special Education Classification: Learning Disabled, Speech and Language Impaired
Curriculum Area or Learning Domain: ELA/Science      
Specific Lesson/Skill Taught: Animal Adaptations

As a class, with guidance from me, the students will understand the concept of physical and behavioral animal adaptations and be able to produce a ‘KWL’ chart with 80% accuracy.

In the past, students have discovered that organisms are different from one another. Currently, they will be taught how adaptations help animals better endure in their habitat. In the future, students will gain knowledge of harmful and helpful animal interactions, which help and harm their survival.
Related to IEP Goals:
In the past, the goals were taught instructionally (with support). At the moment, the goals are presented with guidance. In the future, the students aim to complete coursework independently.  

IFSP or IEP GOAL(S): I don’t have access to that information. However:
I go to Resource Room with a student in my class with ADHD. He is constantly being reminded to stay on task. He has trouble worrying about only himself, and focusing on what needs to be done. As well, there is another student in my class who has ADD. She was declared this year to no long need services. She obtains extra time on tests, if necessary.
IEP Goals given to me from the teacher that best go along with my lesson:
-The students will submit a written assignment on a topic requested by the teacher.
I will collect their ‘KWL’ Chart and review them upon completion.
-When given a reading...