Science Lesson

Science Lesson
Barry C. Archie

Science Lesson
Directed Reading Lesson

Class Description: High school, grades 9-10; integrated science honors course. Students are of heterogeneous ability levels- below , average, above average. We have just completed your unit on chemical reactions. In this lesson we will introduce solutions, acids, and bases that are used to make chemical reactions.
Unit: Solutions, Acids, and Bases
Topic: Solutions
Unit Goals: At the conclusion of the unit, students will be able to:
1. Identify the different types of solutions.
2. Explain what how solutions are formed.
3..Compare and Contrast acids and bases.
Lesson Objectives: Student will:
1. Write the definitions for the following terms: solution, solute, solvent, aqueous solution.
2. Describe three solutes and three solvents that you encounter in your life every day.
3. Classify the three types of solutions (liquid, gas, solid) when given an example of the solution.
4. Explain how a substance dissolves , and how the rate of dissolving can be controlled.

Performance Assessment
Objective         Performance Assessment
1.               Collect and review of vocabulary story paragraph completed in group                     work.
2       Class discussion on the three different solutes and solvents that the             class members encounter every day.
3.               Completed graphic organizer: class discussion of graphic organizer.           Collect and review graphic organizer.    
4.               Class discussion of group project- using a poster board to give a         visual representation of how a substance dissolves and how to           control the rate in which it dissolves.
Reading Type: Reading to be informed
Macrostructure Thinking for Reading: Classification/categorization( other thinking skills employed in lesson: comparison and contrast, cause and effect.)
 Text chapter ”How Solutions Form”
 Clear plastic cups
 Sugar,...