Essay Semester 1

Nama :Hilman Nuha Ramadhan
NIM : 0902262
MK : English Lesson

Arithmetic’s course good for children
      Arithmetic’s course learns about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, it uses abacus or finger. But each of them, it use abacus to calculation. Children study calculation at arithmetic’s course is good for intelligence, ability, individual skill, experience, and appreciation.
      Arithmetic’s course can increase intelligence’s children. Children can calculate faster than another else (not study in Arithmetic’s course). With like that, children have surplus and can answer any problem about mathematics or exactly arithmetic be fast. And can be increase left brain, so intelligence’s children in calculate is good and helping children to study science lesson.
      Children use abacus (abacus is one of tool to calculate. If use it, calculate can be fast) to calculate and then not use it again, but children use imagine calculating. In imagine, actually children use abacus, exactly use in mind’s children. In mind, children imagine abacus and calculating arithmetic in mind too. Children use imagine to calculate, it can be think abstract (abstract is human can think unreal in mind or can think imagination; hilman’s opinion). Children can be increase ability think and abstract because follow arithmetic’s course.
      Children’s ability in calculate is different, because ability come from born or naturally since baby. Ability can be appearing with exercise or with many practises this ability. For example: Michel has ability, his ability is singing. He never sings or training sings a song, and sure he can not singing good. Because his ability can not appear if not be used, training, or another else for increase his ability. But if he practises his ability, he can sing very well. Same as with calculation, some children have calculation ability. To increase it, children need special training for calculation, such as: arithmetic’s course....