Sci 275 Week 8

Wind Energy produces energy by using wind turbines which are used in some parts of our country. Solar Energy is a common way of reducing energy cost in our homes, business, and schools. Solar Cells in Solar panels help develop energy by using sunlight as a source. Bio-Liquid fuels is another source of energy described in the clip. By using food partials it helps deliver a chemical called ethanol, which is what we use in liquid fuel.   A scientist would use such things as husks, grain, corn, and other items to make liquid fuel.
Some challenges when using these sources of renewable energies are as simple as our natural resources dealing with the weather, plants, and of course sunlight. Solar panels are ran by the sunlight, which is very useful, because if we didn’t have much sunlight then we wouldn’t be able to use these to save on energy. Saving energy helps maintain and produce to save energy for days when it rains where it may not be able to reproduce. The lack of produce growth can contribute to the lack of the bottoms of corn and grains to be used to make liquid fuel. If we had no wind then wind turbines would be useless. Here in the U.S. wind is used in many states where there is a lot of wind is used to produce energy.
Three challenges of managing non-renewable energy sources are listed here:
1.) Adds to energy costs.
2.) Air pollution problems.
3.) Toxic situations.