Sci/275 Environmental Science Final

Environmental Final
Nicholas L. Mastin
November 20, 2011
Kari Murabito

Environmental Final
Energy sources like coal and oil are nonrenewable because there is a limited supply of them and they do not replenish themselves. Nonrenewable energy sources are depleting quickly and becoming harder to find. With this limited supply not only are the resources becoming harder to find and more expensive, but there is also an increasing need to find other renewable energy resources that are effective and efficient. While we currently have some renewable energy resources, they are not efficient and effective, and while we continue to research and improve upon these resources we must conserve our energy supplies so we don’t deplete them.
Energy conservation not only affects our day-to-day lives, but it also affects the wildlife and the environment as a whole. Energy conservation reduces the amount of resources used which preserves the natural makeup of the earth. Energy conservation also reduces the amount of pollutants that are put into the environment. This reduction means less pollutants put into the air, and therefore less damage to the ozone layer, plant life, crops, and wildlife. It also means less ground pollutants are put into the soil and water supply. This reduction leads to less damage to plants, crops, and wildlife as well. The reduction of these pollutants and conservation of these resources extend the amount of time that we can safely inhabit the earth. While I understand that our generation will be long gone by the time that these resources are exhausted, it is important to take this issue seriously and make a real effort to conserve energy for our future generations.
The overuse of nonrenewable energy resources has tremendous negative impacts on the earth and everything in and on it. This overuse lowers the quality of life for humans, plants, and animals, and it reduces our lifespan. It also contaminates plants and crops and endangers them. The...