Sci 275 Week 2 Checkpoint

Preservation is the areas of the wilderness that are free from the human influence. These areas are left untouched by the humans and are left in its natural state.
Conservation is where the humans try to reconstruct the wilderness. They try to make this of actual natural quality. They refer to this conservation as “maintenance of environmental quality”.
I fully believe that humans can harvest forest resources both in an environmentally friendly way and I also feel that they should be left in a natural state. I feel that humans’ reconstructing the wilderness helps fix what we as humans have destroyed by living they way that we do. I think that this the best way possible to do what we can for our universe. I also feel that by preserving our natural wilderness we are making our universe a better place. We need to learn to use other means to live instead of destroying our wilderness. I do not feel that we as humans are able to have the ability to make the wilderness as good as the natural wilderness. I think we need to leave things how they were created in a natural state. I also think that with better information we as a community will be able to preserve our wilderness better than we do today.
I do side with both the preservation of wilderness as well as the conservation of the wilderness. I feel this way due to the fact that if we only have natural wilderness we have already destroyed so much of it that if we do not conserve wilderness as well we will lose so much. I think we need both.