Fish Stock Sci/275

Fish Stock
Mike Grogan

The video tells the beliefs of 2 different individuals on two different sides of an argument. The problem is that the populations of fish are declining in the ocean. One viewpoint is the fact that the overfishing of large fish in the ocean has caused a massive decline in their numbers.   The other viewpoint is that something else is causing the declining numbers not the fishing.   The first viewpoint is that of a oceanographer and the second is a commercial fisherman.  
Action Items | Action Steps | Timeline |
Research and identify the problem and possible solutions | Research the data on declining populationsVerify research conductedInterview researchers and fisherman of the thoughts and solutions | Months 1-3 |
Develop action plan Set up education | Gather experts from both areas to make sensible planDevelop an educational messageTake ideas and develop a plan for a solution Write up a new law of no fish zones | Months 3-6 |
Run the education messageSet plan in motion | Run the message for the decision makers members of the House and SenateIntroduce the law and try to regulate and sustain the fish | Months 6-9 |
Bill passed Education and enforcement   begins | Developed new law Enacted new education plan and enforcement of no fish zones | Ongoing |
I think that restricting access to certain parts the habitat will help to let the fish recover from the extra demand for them .   I think that is better than completely stopping everyone from fishing for that type of fish completely.   I think it will benefit the environmentalist because of the no fish zones limiting the amount of fish caught .   I think it will not be what they want   because it is not completely stopping the fishing for the declining fish.   Fisherman will see this as a chance to retain their lively hood but will most likely not like the areas restricted because of the dense population there.  
The way commercial fishing operates today...