School Uniforms

Excellence as defined by Robert Fried is not an everyday thing. It is a special, earned and bespeaks pride that the student owns. Excellent students are not those who comply with everyday tasks, have perfect rates of attendance, or even at the top of their class. However, in school, this is the practice, the norm. Back in high school, the top 10% of the class received recognition and awards. These 10% of students are whom that complies with teachers’ “standards” and much less argue her way of teaching even if they do not agree with it. They act as robots and puppets of the teachers. Students who are at the middle of the bell curve are not recognized at all. A friend of mines was the president of a club and did numerous of community services outside of school. However, she was never recognized for her contributions. I believe that students who know how to play the game of the school, becomes the “excellent” students. Fried argue that excellent students are those who do work that is intrinsically important, puts in effort, shows creativity and individuality, and makes a contribution. I personally think an excellent student can both adhere to what Fried defined as excellence and still be in the top 10% of their class. The student can still comply with the teachers’ mediocre tasks by turning in homework daily and passing all her test but at the same time show creativity and individuality in their work. They can also make a contribution by helping other students understand the materials in addition to being involved in community services.

Discussion Question: Can an excellent student be at the top of their class along with what Friend defines as excellent students? Or can they only be one.   An “excellent” student who has the best GPA in the school or a student who shows creativity and individuality?