School Uniform for/Against

The topic of school uniform has been hotly debated for years.   There are many good arguments both for and against the wearing of uniform.   Both avenues will be explored.

School uniforms have changed in the last 20 years.   Throughout the country, stiff blazers and ties are being replaced with trendy sweatshirts.   Shirts are being replaced with polo shirts.   Girls and boys now both wear trousers (girls previously wore skirts).

A school uniform is a dress code to which every child in the school must abide.

The arguments for

- It has been said that school uniform prevents gang colours in schools.   This is very important in inner city schools, where children may be shown to be sympathetic to a certain gang.
-It decreases violence and theft becasue everyone wears the same clothing.   The idea that children who were certain designer clothes might be targeted.
-It instills a form of discipline on children.   Children are taught to abide to school rules and this is one of them.   If black trousers is required an a child turns up to school in grey trousers then he/she is breaking a school rule.
-It reduces the need for teachers to 'clothes'police, for example determing whether whether skirts are too short.  
-It instills a sense of belonging and boosts self-esteem.   Children shuld feel proud that they are going to a particular school.
-There has always been an image of studiousness when wearing school uniform.   Studies have shown children are more focused on learning as it removes some of the distractions normally faced when children face the dilemma of possessing the latest designer fashions.
-School uniforms are supposed to be cost-effective.   With fashions changing from season to season, parents have always felt the pressure from their children to keep up with the latest fashions.   Uniforms remain the same year after year.
-Uniforms may also help avoid children being ridiculed by others over the have and have not stigma.  
-School uniforms also make...