Boys in their neatly pressed pants with collared shirts and girls with their knee high skirts and neat blouses. These are the trademarks of a private school, but are they needed in public schools? Many studies have failed to show that uniforms have an impact on behavior problems, drug abuse and/or attendance. Instead, bringing school uniforms into public schools negatively impacts the student’s freedom of expression and individuality.

Freedom of expression is what this country is founded upon. Individuals through out the history of the US have expressed there concerns about conformity through protest and public speeches. These people had not conformed to the way society had said they should. A crowd favorite is Dr. Martian Luther King, he broke the bounds of oppression and now we don’t have segregated schools or restaurants. Conformity of all the students to a uniform restrains their feelings and keeps their expressions to a minimum. Dr. King also wanted everyone to be judged by there character and not the way they look. Uniforms make students lose sight of there individuality, the same way that the African Americans lose there liberty.

Individuality makes us who we are. Wither it be race or religion, individually we make choices that help us shape who we are. At young ages we dress the way we wanted to be known as. As if we wear a visual of how we are and how we feel. With the students being forced to wear a set of cloths everyday for a hundred and eighty days a year would destroy the development of who a child is. With there individuality robbed from them, there expression and values would change to a conformed society. When someone is forced to wear a set of clothes, sight of who they are on the inside, without any hindsight of what they want. This may lead to students lashing out because of the constrictions put upon them.

Studies have failed to show that substance abuse, behavior problems and/or attendance are corrected by school uniforms.   In fact...