The Best Award Ever

If I was given the opportunity to win anything I ever wanted I would be the easiest question I would be able to answer. I would definitely want to win a trip to the moon. I think that is the most awesome thing I could ask for. I mean wouldn’t everyone want a free trip to the moon?
I think winning a trip to the moon is the coolest thing ever. Because, it takes years of college and years of training just to be a candidate to fly to the moon. Flying to the moon would be very fascinating because we see it every night we go to bed, and just to say that just for one day I got to go and experience life on it would be great, even if it was just for one day. The moon looks like it would be fun to walk on and see all the textures and colors that are up there. I would also really enjoy floating in the air. Where, gravity doesn’t exist. That would be fun too. Floating in the air is something that we can’t do here on earth and being able to say “hey I floated on the moon once” would be cool. Even the trip to the moon would be an exciting experience. “3-2-1 blast off” isn’t that what they say? I would really like it when I would be able to see us get out of earth and into space. I would have that memory for the rest of my life, and I would be able to tell my kids, grandkids, and great grandkids too. So, I wouldn’t pick some toy of some trip around the world because at one point in my life I would be able to do those things. But, flying to the moon for one day is a memory that would last a life time.