Sample Marketing Plan



      1a: Increase product awareness among the target audience by 50 percent in 3 years.

      2b: Inform target audience about features and benefits of our product and its competitive advantage, leading to a 1% percent increase in sales within the first year. Leading to 2% over 3 years .

      3c: Offer consistant good products and services.

      4d: Move from many clients needing a wide array of products and services to specialization in gold corporate identity and accompanying advertising


      1a: Pink graphic aims increase product awarness by 50% over 3 years by Self promotion in traditional and new innovative ways to show the customer what they can expect to receive form pink via pinks own advertising campaines. Examples: Skywriting, Gigantic Sand sculptures consisting of the pink logo, posters things that get the wider community talking and raise awareness about the potentials of good design and pinks abilitys to exicute it.

      2b: @ Pink aims to capture 3% of the market within 3 years of business pink aims to achieve this by having close ties with local government business enterprise schemes. And has found opportunities to secure web links to and from the local business entry point website. Pink will also attend business entry point meetings held once a month to offer services to new business owners. And will canvas new business in person

      3c:Pink aims to give customer satisfaction and sustaining   via doing the basics well to make this possable forms services and products they would like how they found the experience of working with you can you offer more or less database information to make monthly checks easy you can see floors in your products and services this way.
      Incoming and out going check forms.
      Job forms quotes keep track of quote, date taken and deadline, deposit taken, scedualed meetings, customer id, job brief,
      Itemised billing forms, complimentary slips...