Business Sample

Tyeshia Bruce 6/12/11

Owning the Perfect Business

Owning a daycare center is a business I would like to have because I love children. Escorting my children to daycare every morning gave me an idea of owning one myself. My daycare center would help out parents who really cannot afford the child care for their children. The daycare center I plan to have would serve the quality of many children of all races. After, I start my first daycare center; I’m hoping to expand, depending on how well business goes for the first facility. I would love to have the best daycare in town and also the best business partners, so this can make things better for my future and the future of others.
A well organize daycare center comes with more than just having one. It comes with great researchers and creative leaders. The team I would hire would be a team who help to find a great and safe place for our children. Great workers are everything I want for my facility. Researchers are great to have, because they can help with finding a great place. Creative leaders can also manage how well the facility will look and the difference it would make to grab the parent’s attention. We want to grab the parent’s attention, so we will make it look great to the best of our stability.
There is no weakness surrounding the program that is fit for people who will always have to be on their toes twenty-four-seven. Strong people make a facility great and safe. Without a strong staff to work with it makes things a little off target. Everything has to start from the top, if you have a great team working on top, and then there will be great people hire. A worker who knows their job is the ones who will get the title working for me. Of course, everyone will have to be interviewed for any position that they are giving. After, they will be trained into the best workers of the business. Training can be a lot but we want what the best for our parents and their children. After, everything is out...