Sample Performance Improvement Plan

Sample Performance Improvement Plan


[Employee Name] [ ]

[30/60/90] Day Performance Improvement Plan [ ]

This memorandum is written as a [30/60/90] Day Performance Improvement Plan designed to focus your attention on substantially improving your performance in several key areas. [As was discussed in your most recent performance review dated ___________, you received several “1’s” in key areas and an overall rating of “1” meaning you did not meet expectations.] [Since your performance review on _________, your performance has been unsatisfactory in several respects. For example, _______________________________.] This being the case, I have outlined the following Performance Improvement Plan which sets forth objectives that you must accomplish in order to bring your performance up to minimal acceptable standards. The plan is as follows: 1. 2. 3. [list fair objectives – they can be both objective and subjective – in clear terms that could reasonably be accomplished within the required time frame]

4. 5. You have [30/60/90] days from today to meet these objectives. I will meet with you twice over the next [30/60/90] days to discuss your progress. Our first meeting will be on ____________ at ______________ and the second meeting will be on __________ at ____________. Both meetings will be in my office. It is your responsibility to contact me at anytime during this time period regarding your performance and to seek assistance in removing roadblock(s) you may come up against which may impede your progress.


In addition to meeting the specific objectives outlined in this plan, during this [30/60/90] day period, and then thereafter on an ongoing basis, you must demonstrate a commitment to your job and to the Company’s values. This commitment must be reflected by continuing to perform your job in a satisfactory fashion, and it must also include working with enthusiasm, creativity and a positive attitude. If you fail...