Safeguarding Protection of Vulnerable Adults

514 – Safeguarding Protection of Vulnerable Adults
Safeguarding and Protection
In Safe Hands: THE ROLE OF CARE AND SOCIAL SERVICES INSPECTORATE WALES sets out the roles and responsibilities of CSSIW relation to local authorities who have a lead role in the development of local polies and procedures relating to adult protection.

The concept of safeguarding vulnerable adults takes on this involvement of the whole community to keep individuals safe.

The concept of safeguarding works best where professionals from different areas work together in an integrated way, with sharing of information to ensure that safety is paramount at all times, but also enables people to be aware of individual risk and allows them to manage those risks in a safe way.

The concept of protection is more about putting in place a plan for protection when an individual has been identified as either suffering or at risk of suffering significant harm as a result of abuse or neglect.
Policy Developments
Each local authority across Wales and England has been provided with guidance and legislation with regards to its own adult protection policy.
Policies have been developed based upon good practice and also learning the lessons from where things have gone wrong.
I feel the main policy developments have been to implement Multi- agency policies. This is the idea of different agencies within the area being committed to work together to prevent and protect vulnerable adults.   The highlighted in the No Secrets guidance that defines what abuse is, what a vulnerable adult is and looks at how by working together and sharing information, so that there are “no secrets”, vulnerable adults may be protected earlier.
With regards to developments on safeguarding, I would suggest the policy developments to promote personal values, empowerment and choice for vulnerable adults, as detailed in “Putting people first – A shared vision and commitment to the transformation of Adult Social Care” highlights...