Vulnerable Adults

Assessment Guidance
Apply your knowledge of vulnerability.
Apply your knowledge of anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory practice.
Consider the theories and research that will help inform your discussion.
Apply your knowledge of the legislation.  
Assessment Criteria
1. The selection of appropriate theory in relation to an understanding of vulnerability.
2. Demonstration of the application of anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory practice.
3. Demonstration of an understanding of abuse.  
4. Demonstration of an understanding of the legislation in relation to vulnerable adults.
5. Demonstrating an understanding of partnership and empowerment.
6. Meet acceptable standards of presentation including adequate organisation of the material and use of Harvard referencing system.
You would very much like to make this a home for the residents whereby the residents are able to make decisions about how the home is run and organised.
In your capacity as social worker/manager, what do you think you can do to enable the residents to maximise their opportunities? What difficulties and issues do you think they will encounter? What right’s do they have?
Deal with each service user individually.
Mr D is a 54 yr old English man who spent the first 30 years of his life in a large institution in Kent
Mr J is a 24 yr old Afro-Caribbean man who has just moved away from his family, as his older parents are not able to cope with his care needs.
Ms M is a 72 yr old English woman. Like Mr D, Ms M has spent most of her life in an institution. This is her 3rd residential placement. Previous placements have broken down due to Ms M’s challenging behaviour.
Ms J is a 32yr old English woman with Downs Syndrome. She has recently moved into the home to be nearer to her family.

‘Fairlawns’ is a residential home for vulnerable adults. It is authorised and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Four residents currently occupy the home; each one has a different...