Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries

Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector

      Tutor: Claire Fairclough                                                     Student Paul Day

Theory assignment 1

          Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a

            Teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle

        The role, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher in terms of the teacher/training cycle are to first identify needs by carrying out a literacy and numeracy test which will establish the students learning style and requirements. Also to carry out simple group and individual tests which should establish their visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles? Next is to plan and design by setting tasks, ensure that your teaching methods are adequate, the resources are available and the syllabus can be achieved within the length of the course. You then have to deliver your lessons whilst making sure that you can adapt to your learners needs by assessing them as you go along by observing   and ensuring that they have learned what you have intended. The final process is to evaluate the learning that has happened by asking the students opinions and to see if it can be improved.

        The role of a teacher is to pass on knowledge and information in a calm, skilled and patient manner, whilst ensuring the learners can absorb this knowledge in a safe and secure environment. This also involves making sure that you treat all students equally, set good standards and become a role model which should ultimately gain their trust. A good way of obtaining this trust is to ask them to call upon their previous learning experiences and get them to advise us on ways to change or improve. You should always make sure that you have properly prepared and understandable lesson plans, adequate materials for that lesson and be accessible should they have any queries or concerns. The role also requires the teacher to keep attendance records,...