Review of Social Media

Executive Summary Week 4

Communicating about Health Chapter 7
Having a support system and a positive outlook can improve a person’s overall health. When someone has to manage a stressful situation, it is known as coping. The way a person choses to react to a situation will affect the outcome. A crisis is a situation that is elevated above normal everyday life. Crisis situations may affect the way a person’s normal routine and they forget even how to do the simplest tasks. Instrumental support is done by performing tasks and favors for other people. Informational support provide resources for a person on how to deal or cope with a crisis situation or for people wanting more information on a particular subject such as a long term illness. Esteem, emotional, and social network support are all important aspects of dealing with a situation. Support groups are in place for people with dependency issues or for people who may need grief counseling after the death of a loved one. Lay care givers are people who support the elderly or the sick in hospice or hospital situation as well as at the home. Death is a concept that is hard to deal with for some and doctors walk a fine line when it comes to the death of a patient. They may be sued or blamed for a person’s death if the family does not feel that everything that should have been done was done. A support system is great to have but people need to be careful about oversupporting someone. This may be help that simply is not needed and can do more harm than good for the person he or she is trying to help.

Health Industry Communication Chapter 7
Health care crisis can and do happen anywhere and everywhere, even in the best medical facilities in the country. The chapter 7 story was handled in the correct manner and the facility did what they were supposed to do by owning up to the mistake. They kept Jessica’s family in the loop about what was going on with the transplants and immediately told them of the mismatch soon...