The Impact of Social Media Tools in Business

This paper will apply the knowledge learned in Business Communications: Process and Product by (Guffey and Loewy’s, 2010).   We will focus on the use of social media and the impact is has on the way information is exchanged about a business’s products and services.   We will address how businesses use social media services (e.g. Facebook) to communicate their business proposals, plans, and reports to affiliates and consumers.   This paper also discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages a business may encounter using social media services like Twitter.

Keywords: Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Business, Communications Tools, Information Exchange
The Impact of Social Media Tools in Business
Social media tools are impacting businesses significantly these days.   These tools are often used by businesses and consumers to disseminate information and monitor products and services.   Due to the increased use of social media, businesses have been forced to operate honestly and open in order to be successful.   It is also important for businesses to disclose information about their products and services that may not be favorable.   If businesses don’t disclose information accurately, it is more likely the consumers will.   Social media practitioners now seek best practices for contexts in which brick-and-mortar research is largely inapplicable (Naylor, Lamberton, & West, 2012).   From a consumer perspective, word of mouth over social media can influence a company’s direction and goal.   From a business perspective, it is extremely important to monitor the information consumers exchange over social media to enhance or improve products and services.   Both consumers and businesses can use social media as a tool to exchange information and build connections which can impact the image, growth, and direction of a company’s products and services.

Social Media’s Impact on a Businesses, Products, or Services Information Exchange
Exchanging information via social...