Impact of Social Media on Marketing


  1. Introduction
Social media marketing is a contemporary branch of marketing that uses social media to influence and convince the consumers about the significance of a firm, products or services.   It also benefits businesses by telling them what their customers consider about their products and services (Rognerud, 2008). Social media marketing is a method that businesses use to promote their products or services through mobile or media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter (Bullas, 2010).   It included blogging, tweeting, social media, SEO optimizing and a bunch of other new strategies (Singh, 2008).
  2. Objectives

The objectives are mentioned below:
  * To get knowledge about the current tools those are used of marketing.
  * To get knowledge about the role of social media in marketing.
  * To get knowledge about the importance of social media in marketing.
  * To get knowledge about the impact of social media on marketing.

  3. Rationale for choosing the topic

The topic was chosen because of its relevance and advancement.   Almost all well developed and up-to-date organizations and firms are adopting new methods to promote their image, brand products and services. The most contemporary medium being used is internet and mobile. Many renowned organizations like Absolut Vodka,BMW, and Dunkin Donuts are using YouTube, Facebook , Twitter accounts etc for marketing (Richard , 2011). So it is believed to be a modern and strong tool of communication and interaction with potential customers, new customers as well as colleagues (Chen, 2011).
  4. Literature Review

A study was conducted by Porterfield (2009) which reported that the rate of adult users in U.S.   is dynamically growing. It indicated that in 2010, the Twitter usage will boost 44.4% thus reaching 26 million U.S. adults. It also indicated that the internet users in U.S. are spending 17% of the time at...