Digital Marketing and Social Media

Business Research Report
Digital Marketing using Social Media Outlets

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Introduction: 4
Research Findings: 5
LinkedIn: 5
Analysis: 5
Facebook: 6
Analysis: 7
Corporate Blogging 7
Analysis: 8
Recommendations: 8
Conclusion: 9
References 10

Executive Summary
Digital Marketing using Social media outlets is a rapidly growing approach for businesses today to promote their brand, products and services.   Organizations now use LinkedIn, Facebook, Corporate Blogging sites and other methods to communicate more effectively and efficiently with a larger consumer tech savvy audience that ever before.   This ability to reach larger audiences using Technology allows the organization to have the opportunity at different and larger revenue streams than in the past, as well as gives them the ability to recruit top talent using methods that were not used or available 5 years ago.
Using LinkedIn and Facebook as two of the three social media outlets will give us access to two of the largest Social Networking sites on the internet.   These sites have more than 250million users each and continues to grow rapidly.   With these sites it gives us the ability to not only connect at a social level but at a business level and leverage our contacts as well as their contacts to grow our influence.
With the use of LinkedIn, Facebook and Corporate Blogging sites I feel that we can extend our reach to audiences that we have not been able to reach in the past and have the ability to interact with consumers better.   We will not only be able to showcase our products and services, but also be able to have our current satisfied customers give their feedback and recommendations on our products and services.
We need to look at how we are doing Digital marketing using social media outlets and increase, create or change our current plans and responsibilities of the groups responsible for this work, to make sure we are using at least the...