Review of Shitty First Draft


Review of Shitty First Drafts

1.”The fantasy of the uninitiated” means for those who have never experienced the process of writers composing articles, it seems that writers just get everything they need to say in their heads and amazingly pouring out ideas without any struggles. This is a joint misconstrue of writers.In fact, “even professional writers sit at their desks in despair, with fear in their eyes, hoping that God will somehow send them a message that will help them write their next story”. Writing in reality is challenging,even for those who happen to be very good at it.

2.Personally speaking, I think she is speaking for majority because she did mention many times that nearly all writers apply this kind of writing method by writing multiple attempted drafts and shitty first drafts.

3.Going for a first draft is more about the process of creation.As Lamott referred that “the first draft is the child’s draft “and it is ultimately and inevitably suck. But “even if the first draft does come out "shitty". That makes it a first draft. Editing is required”. Lamont is trying to emphasize the most valuable thing to do is to write it down first, regardless of its perfection.Only when you have something in mind, can you polish and better the writing.
I consent with Lamott in regard to my own first drafts. In order to produce quality work in a short period of time,I will type whatever comes to my mind first without further hesitation and will not go into elaborated details straight ahead because I firmly believe that “Very few writers really know what they are doing until they've done it”.There is an old saying: ”The first step is always easier than the first one”You will never know what is the best for your paper when you never even write something down.Besides,I always stuck at the very first beginning of their wiring procedure but who have thought that it only takes me to boldly carry out the first move and naturally, sometimes so subtle that...