Returning to School

Returning to school
Kara Dale
English 121
Douglas Sigler
March 8, 2010
For me going to college am about accomplishing a dream. Going to college is something that I always wanted to do and psychology is something that I always wanted to study. I took a one-semester course in psychology and I fell in love with it.   My parents had taught me that going to college was a very important thing to do. Even though it should have been an easy decision, returning to school was a hard decision for me because I knew there would be some hurdles I would have to overcome and that there would be some adjustments that would have to be made in my daily life.
Returning to school was a hard decision to make but I was at a point in my life at which, I felt it was time for a change. I had told myself that when my youngest child was old enough to stat school that I was going to go back into the work force. I decided to go ahead and see what was out there, I figured why wait. It was then that I realized that there were not any good paying jobs to be had with my qualifications. After looking at the jobs that were available, I soon found out that this would require me to return to school. Then I started looking to see which college would be right for me. First, I tried the local colleges and looked into attending part time. Then I saw that unless I wanted to attend at night, which would mean giving up my time alone with my husband, I would have to arrange for day care for my children. I did not have money for day care so going to school at a local college part time was out. Then I started to look at online colleges. Surprisingly, there were a lot more to choose from than I thought there would be. I already knew that I wanted an actual degree and not just some quick certificate, because most of the jobs that only require certificates do not pay that well. This eliminated some of the colleges for me. Next, I looked to see which colleges cost the least and which ones might...