Returning to School

Returning To School

Matthew J. Hull
ENG 121 English Composition
Cicely Denean-Cobb
October 13th, 2010


What issues do I face before or after returning to school?
Not being in school for how long.
Overcoming situations
options on changing life

2. What benefits do I get from returning to school?
Meeting new people
to gain knowledge of a new career
To challenge what I can out of life

3. What changes do I experience while returning to school?
New Career
New Life
Better Family and Outcome in Life

What obstacles do I face myself with returning to school?

What strategies can I use to accomplish school?

Returning To School

I have been challenged in many ways since I came back to school.   However, I wanted and

needed a new beginning.   I have been thinking about making a change in my life, a change of

pace so to speak.   After years of being out of   High School, I have finally decided to go to college.

Once I returned to school   I had several benefits and many obstacles for me to overcome.

I definitely believe that one major issue of returning to school, is that I have not been to school

for sometime.   We all know that “if you don't use it, you lose it!”   Then there is the online design,

which we all must overcome.   If I was having a difficult time with this class, I truly do not know what

lies ahead.   I do believe that with devotion to these classes and life, I will get through them; with

excellent grades.   It is the ambition inside of me that will get me through when returning to school.

The positives of going back to school later in life are endless, “education is not preparation

for life, education is life itself.” (John Dewey).   As a student again, my age works to the advantage and

is irrelevant   in my connections and relationships with people of all ages and backgrounds.   Being in

school brings an opportunity to make a shift from the ordinary,...