Random Searches in Schools

Random Searches in School: Is this a violation of privacy?
Carrie Landry
March 7, 2010

      Random searches, drug dogs, school action groups; these are just some of the ways to prevent violence in schools.   Did you know that guns and drugs have been found in school lockers of children as young as elementary school?   Violence in our schools has been a growing problem since the late 80s, our government and society has tried numerous methods to control this epidemic, we as parents should allow schools to perform random searches of our children’s belongings to aid in this rapidly growing outbreak.   Schools have not taken responsibility for these searches because there are parents and students alike who feel like this is an invasion of privacy.   How can any parent feel like it is an invasion of privacy when their child may be the one caught in the gunfire?   The two most devastating school massacres that have happened in the past ten years will be remembered and stories told for years to come.   Columbine High school and Virginia Tech, there were a total of 48 students massacred between these two incidents.   This act of violence took the lives of 48 innocent people.   These victims thought they were safe and under the shield of school to protect them.   This was not the case.  
      Since 1999, two of the deadliest school campus shootings have occurred and could have been avoided by the warning signs the killers exhibited.   The massacre at Columbine High on April 20, 1999 shocked the entire nation.   Two teenage boys so filled with anger, planned and plotted for a very long time to make this happen.   Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold known as the trench coaters had diaries and journals with the plan of attack found in their school lockers.   A timeline of events that occurred during Columbine show that if someone had taken a closer look at the behaviors of these troubled students they would have seen the devastation to come.   This act of terror had been...