Returning to School

English 121: English Composition I
Darian Fisher
Prof William Johnson

Returning to school was a big challenge for me.   When I graduated high school, I had no hopes of going to college.   I knew I loved working with children and thought I could babysit and open my own daycare.   After I realized that you have to have education to open a business like that. It dawned on me to go back to school.
I decided to return to school to get my bachelors in early childhood education because I love working with children. I want to pursue my bachelors in Early Childhood Education because I love working with children.   I also want to get my masters in Education with a concentration in Higher Education.   I would love to teach college classes someday.   I also want to get my Ph.D in curriculum and Instruction, I would love to be a school Principal or a Dean of a college.   I will be the first in my family to have earned a college degree.   With these degrees, I plan to open a Day Care, an afterschool program center, and   Adult Education Center. The benefits of my degree will allow me to be a positive role model, make a difference in a childs life, and will also allow me to give back to my community. This is how I can contribute to my community, being a role model for a child.   Many people do not realize it but children look up to you as a role model in their life.   They might get something from you more than they get at home. I had a good role model when I was coming up in school and I thanked him for being there for me when I did not have anyone else to talk to.   Making a difference in a child’s life is all that matters.   It does not get much better than that.   If you play a good role, it will be well rewarded.   In the future, they will thank you for it I would love to open a daycare center in my community because I want to be apart of the change that’s about to happen.   I’ve had to make some changes in my lifestyle for me to pursue my degree.   I had to get back into the habit of...