Research Project

Undertake a Research Project within Services in Health and Social Care

I have decided to base my research project around diabetes in the elderly. In particular its prevalence and whether or not it is life limiting.

I have collated my data by contacting all Home managers within our group, speaking directly with residents, consulting medical details from doctors and consulting records on file.

I am basing my research on the current 324 elderly residents within our care Homes. Of these residents 220 are female and 104 are male. Of these residents 23 have diabetes, which represents just over 7%.

In order to research fully it is important to understand what diabetes is;

  * Diabetes is an upset glucose balance caused by a lack of insulin

  * Food is converted in the stomach into sugar (glucose).

  * The sugar is transported in the blood stream to the cells to be stored or used as energy.

  * Insulin is needed to get glucose into the body’s cells so they can make energy.   Without the action of insulin high blood sugar levels occur (diabetes).

  * Food makes blood sugar levels rise.

Some foods make blood sugar levels rise very quickly, such as chocolate, sweets, biscuits, cakes and sweet fizzy drinks.

Some foods make blood sugar levels rise more slowly, such as potatoes, pasta and cereals.

  * If blood sugar levels are not properly managed, diabetes can cause serious health problems including loss of eyesight, nerve damage, kidney damage, carpel tunnel syndrome, heart problems, blood circulation, ulcerations and foot deterioration which could lead to amputation.

  * Staying healthy can help control diabetes by not smoking, eating a healthy diet, regular foot care, good glucose control and exercise.

  * All residents who have diabetes must have an individual risk assessment which covers such areas as insulin administration, diet, medication, foot care, the frequency and acceptable limits of blood sugar tests.   This...