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      Current Business Research Project Paper
      Tracey Zenaye
      April 25, 2011
      Jon Webber

Current Business Research Project Paper

      Communication is one of the most important and necessary aspect of human life. Communicating effectively is a certain learned trait. Communication is the activity of transferring information from one entity to another; communication is also described as a connection allowing access between persons or places. In the field of education, educators have the responsibility of teaching valuable skills to students. The research project in this paper will address certain aspects of the educational system.
      The research project is entitled “Assessment of Classroom Communication and Study Skills” by Charlann S Simmons, and peer-reviewed by Thomas E Hancock. The assessment of classroom communications and study skills, also known as the ACCSS, was designed to provide a tool for specialist and teachers to use to evaluate students school language skills. The ACCSS is used to identify the defective communication and language skills of students who experience difficulty with classroom demands. In particular, the ACCSS attempts to fill the gap in the educational progress of transitioning students from elementary school to middle school who may not have the communication and study skills needed to be successful students. The tasks found in the ACCSS measures skills and abilities of students that research has shown to be important in successful students.
      The research of the ACCSS has revealed success in various areas. The author states that the research project was successful in the evaluation through developmental tests, technical tests, and reliability tests. In the technical tests, a graduate student analyzed the data collected from 500 students. This test assisted in determining the level of difficulty in the listed tasks. It was reported that the...