Business Research Project Paper

Current Business Research Paper
      Luvenia Manning
      University of Phoenix
      Research and Evaluation I
      Facilitator: John Mc Nicholas
      Friday, July 24, 2009

Homelessness and its effect on School - age Children
In the United States where many people are transient and/or homeless there is a growing sub-population of the homeless and they are families with children. The primary culprit is poverty due to lack of employment and underemployment which correlates with the lack of adequate education. In view of the importance of education as the fundamental means of changing life cycles and its direct relationship to income and employment, this study will undertake to answer the following question: “Does a change in living environment from family unit to a shelter unit have an effect on the academic performance of school-age children who have become homeless?” This study will help to discover if academic achievement diminishes when children become homeless. If the results show that academic achievements have diminished because of the condition of homelessness, the results will contribute to heightening awareness of the areas and type of academic support needed by school-age children who are homeless.

This research will be conducted by comparing and examining yearly academic achievement scores in the eight categories measured by the Wide Range Achievement Test. The areas of academic achievement are: word reading, sentence comprehension, spelling, and math computation. I could use a Stratified Sample or Cluster Sampling. A Stratified Sample would allow me to attempt to match a sample population to the population that I am addressing using specific characteristics.

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