Tma06Critically Evaluate an Appropriate Dissemination Strategy for the Research Project Discussed in Ey and Cupit (2011).

Option 2
Design and critically evaluate an appropriate dissemination strategy for the research project discussed in Ey and Cupit (2011).
Ey and Cupit’s article discusses a research project aimed at exploring children’s understanding of dangers associated with the internet. In small groups, 5–8-year-old children were asked questions relating to what they consider to be dangerous interactions or materials connected with the internet and the strategies they would use if confronted with these. Many children reported prior negative experiences on the internet and many appeared unable to recognise potential dangers. Ey and Cupit call for increased education to support young children in the dangers and effective management of internet use. The reference for this article is:
Ey, L.A. and Cupit, C.G. (2011) ‘Exploring young children’s understanding of risks associated with Internet usage and their concepts of management strategies’, Journal of Early Childhood Research, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 53–65.

The purpose of my research into this paper is to study the paper and critically evaluate an appropriate dissemination strategy for the research.   I will also draw upon material from Open University EK310 and the set books whilst considering the best approach to this.
Introduction to research
The purpose of the research study by Ey, L. A. and Cupit   C.G. (2011)   was to explore whether or not young children understood various different risks associated with using the Internet.   It was generally accepted that the Internet offers children developmental and learning opportunities through access to new sources of information and experiences.   At the time of the study there had been a steady increase in the number of children using Internet technologies at a younger age.   However there are no provisions for teaching a safe way to protect children from the possible dangers and exploitation whilst looking at the Internet at home and...