Elements of Religious Traditions Paper
Michelle Maez
University of Phoenix
World Religious Traditions II
Rel 134
Timothy A Gallemore
August 24, 2010

Elements of Religious Traditions Paper
      The paper will explain how religious traditions describe and encourage the following relationships with the divine, sacred time and the sacred space and the relationship they have with each other.   In conclusion to this paper the writer will also include brief examples from the various religious traditions and beliefs.
      The divine is the ultimate spiritual beauty.   In my faith that would be God. According to the chapters from the book Experiencing the World’s Religions it states God is the divine being.   The writer’s mother was stated as saying the divine is heaven and sacred time is prayer and sacred place is her heart. The writer’s mother believes that life on earth is her end and death is her beginning. My belief comes from my upbringing and the guidance I was given from my parents.
      Now the writer will explain sacred time. According to the research sacred time is a time of renewal. That is what prayer is to me a time a time of renewal.   Where I can gather all my thoughts and renew myself like a cleansing of the soul.
      In my religious tradition prayer is what I would call sacred time pondering the teachings of the Bible.   The Bible gives an explanation to the origins of mankind and God’s plan of salvation for mankind. The Bible also reveals the tolerance and full of grace God has been towards mankind by setting standards and commands and making promises throughout the ages to the nation of Israel thru the prophets that were fulfilled.   For example of a fulfilled promise the birth of a savior, that would come to comfort, heal, and forgive the sins of mankind. Of which I am grateful for because in my time of prayer I am renewed by the faith of his promise to forgive my faults and to strengthen me once again, I am able to take on the daily...